Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making Faces: DVD deluxe version now available!

Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century is now available in a deluxe package with subtitles and other bonus features. This fascinating design documentary was released to critical acclaim and has been received enthusiastically by the type and design communities and casual audiences alike. The film captures the personality of the late Canadian graphic artist Jim Rimmer (1931-2010) and follows his hands-on method of creating typefaces from the preliminary sketches through the cutting and casting of a single letter. The design featured in the film would become the basis for the first-ever simultaneous release of a digital font and hand-set metal font!

The Region Free Standard DVD Package includes:

  • 45 minute documentary
  • in depth bonus features on the type making process
  • newly digitized rare silent film from the 1930s: 'The Creation of a Printing Type from the Design to The Print by Frederic W. Goudy'
  • one actual piece of cast metal type 
    The deluxe version includes everything from the standard version, plus:

  • 10 Languages of Subtitles: English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian & Spanish.
  • hand printed DVD case with design by KeeganMeegan & Co. (Portland, OR)
  • hand printed letterpress specimen of the full Stern typeface
  • second disc with digital copy of 720p HD versions of the film for Mac and Windows 

  • Check out the new packaging and purchase the Making Faces DVD, here.
    Deluxe DVD only $29.95
    Price drop on standard version: Now only $19.95

    Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century 

    Wednesday, June 05, 2013

    Annoucning New Release for June- HWT Geometric

    HWT Geometric is the latest release from the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry- a collaboration between P22 and the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. It is a late 19th century design that conjures up early 20th century Dutch DeStijl lettering with a mostly strict adherence to right angles and minimal stroke modulation.

    Geometric began its life as a metal typeface from the Central Type Foundry, circa 1884. Soon after, this design was officially licensed to Morgan & Wilcox and was shown in their 1890 catalog in Regular, Light and Condensed Light variations. After acquiring Morgan & Wilcox, Hamilton Manufacturing offered Geometric Light Face Condensed as their own No 3020 and the Geometric Light Face as No 3021.

    HWT Geometric has been expanded digitally to include a Regular Condensed version. A heavier wood type specimen was found from an unknown manufacturer and digitized as it was found, resulting in the HWT Geometric Shopworn and Shopworn Inked variations. These digital versions all include a full Western and Central European character set of over 380 glyphs.

    HWT Geometric digitized by James Grieshaber

    For more information and to purchase HWT Geometric, click here.

    Special Introductory Pricing. Each individual font in the set can be purchased separately for $24.95 or purchase the full Geometric Set for a special intro price of only $49.95 (for all 6 fonts!). This offer is good through June 30th, 2013.

    To view images, source materials and additional information regarding this release and other HWT fonts, visit the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry, here