Monday, April 01, 2013

P22 announces format change for all fonts!

In keeping up with current trends in font formats from PostScript and TrueType to Opentype and Webfonts, P22 type foundry has decided to anticipate the next inevitable format shift and offer its entire library only in two formats. Employing centuries-proven methods, P22 fonts will only be available in metal and wood formats. P22 has spent the last 19 years creating digital fonts primarily based on historical sources. This time spent in various collections and working printshops has made one thing very clear, metal and wood type will outlast any digital format. The letterpress revival has seen an unprecedented demand for new wood and metal type and P22 plans on filling that demand. P22s first forays into physical formats included the 2008 P22 Stern font made by Jim Rimmer and the P22 Preissig Scrape wood type font made by Bill Jones at Virgin Wood Type.

With the recent partnership with the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, all wood type manufacturing will be done at the new expanded facility in Two Rivers Wisconsin. Metal fonts will be initially offered though various independent foundries (who will inevitably be bought up and merged into one giant corporate conglomerate). Current P22 digital fonts already available for sale as metal fonts include Cloister from Dale Guild Foundry, Hadriano Stone Cut from Skyline Foundry and several Lanston fonts from Swamp Press Letter Foundry

This new format shift will also cut back on pirating and illegal copies being distributed on the internet. However in order to take into account the cost to produce such fonts, the starting list price of each P22 font will be modified only one digit from $19.95 to $199.50. Also in order to facilitate efficiency in the printshop, character sets will be reduced from the unwieldy 300+ characters now found in P22 pro fonts to basic A-Z, numbers and punctuation. European language printers who don't speak American will have to just handwrite the squiggly things over their letters if they want them.

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