Thursday, January 31, 2013

Athena - A new digitization of a lost metal face.

LTC Athena brings a somewhat "lost" hot-metal typeface back from obscurity into digital Opentype format.
Athena is a rare typeface whose original matrices were destroyed and therefore thought to be lost to time. In the Fall of 2012, printing historian Rich Hopkins contacted P22 type foundry regarding a collection of inked type drawings he had just uncovered from his acquisition of the Baltimore base "Baltotype" company some 20 years ago. The Athena drawings included a full upper and lower case set, numerals, basic punctuation and alternate forms of some letters. 
The design is a narrow deco flavored design from the 1950s and bares resemblance to the all caps Lanston typeface, LTC Spire. Athena was designed by George Battee specifically for Baltotype and features a curious avoidance of straight lines in the stems and main strokes. The face has now been expanded to over 340 characters by Miranda Roth and includes ligatures and a full Pan-European character set. LTC Athena is released through the Lanston division of P22 in consideration of it's earlier incarnation as a metal typeface.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

London Underground Sale - Limited Time Only

The historic London Underground is celebrating its 150th year of service. In observance of the anniversary, we are offering a tremendous savings of 50% on all of our London Underground font styles and packages. The sale includes the original P22 London Underground set with extras- the legendary sans serif design developed by Edward Johnston for the London Underground system in 1916, made commercially available for the first time through an exclusive arrangement with the London Transport Museum. Also included is the Underground Pro Family of fonts- an expanded version of the Johnston design with updated features and massive OpenType support, including separate versions for Greek and Cyrillic languages. All Underground fonts are licensed exclusively to P22 from the London Transport Museum.

All font styles contained in the P22 London Underground Set and the Underground Pro Family are 50% off through January 31st only. Prices start at $9.98.

To view the fonts in this special, click on either of the following links:

  • London Underground Set -set of 3 original fonts, including Johnston Underground Extras
  • Underground Pro -expanded Pro font in 6 weights including small and petite caps and titling option, covering most Latin-based languages with separate Greek and Cyrillic versions.
  • Specimen Chapbook Series No. 5 - A Brief History of Graphic Design as Told Through P22 Fonts

    The latest chapbook, A Brief History of Graphic Design as Told Through P22 Fonts, features 100 fonts from the P22 collections arranged in a semi chronological sequence and relative to important eras and movements in Art and Design history. This specimen features blue/silver ink on the cover and black ink inside.

    About the chapbooks:
    Each chapbook in the series measures 4.5" x 6.5", contains 32 pages and is printed in a limited edition of 1500 with hand printed letterpress covers featuring metallic inks on chipboard. Each chapbook is $3 (shipping is additional). Save if you order all 5 books in the series. Or, subscribe to receive a total of 6 chapbooks contained in the complete series for $15.00.

    Click here for more chapbook details or to place your order.