Tuesday, October 02, 2012

P22 Proudly Announces HWT American Chromatic

HWT American Chromatic is the inaugural release from the newly established Hamilton Wood Type Foundry- a joint venture between P22 type foundry and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.

The American Chromatic Set contains 8 font styles that can be multilayered and allow for thousands of possible color and pattern combinations. The design is configured to allow any combination of the 8 fonts to all align when identical text is set and arranged, one on top of the other. Five of the eight fonts can be used individually as variations of the classic Tuscan style of wood type. The additional 3 fonts contain stars that align within the other fonts.

The American Chromatic set includes:

HWT American Chromatic
  As originally designed in the late 1850s.
HWT American Inset
  As designed in the late 1850s. The companion to the main chromatic font, on its own is a quirky, thinner Tuscan style with wider spacing
HWT American Solid
  Similar to a classic Tuscan style, but with spacing and kerning that aligns with other American component fonts
HWT American Shopworn
  As per American Solid, but with a simulated distressed look implying decades of use and abuse in a jobbing print shop. Includes OpenType scripting so three of the same letters next to each other automatically will not have the same distressed marks [for applications that access the Opentype contextual alternates feature]
HWT American Outline
  Just the outlined Tuscan with a drop shadow
HWT American Stars
  Top and Bottom Star components of type design
HWT American Stars Top
  Top Star components of type design
HWT American Stars Bottom
  Bottom Star components of type design

HWT American Chromatic, just in time for the US election season, evokes classic Americana and is ideal for a wide array of design uses that call for vintage, attention grabbing panache.

The home for the HWT Chromatic Font Set is the P22 International House of Fonts until the full HWT website is designed and propagated with new wood type fonts. Click here to take me to the ordering options and learn more about this font.


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