Thursday, January 05, 2012

P22 Announces New Release for the New Year - Roma by Thomas Lincoln

P22, in conjunction with Canada Type, announces the Roma Family for IHOF

In over 40 years as an award-winning type designer, much of Thomas Lincoln's work has expressed his fascination for the Roman majuscules inscribed at the base of the Trajan Column in Rome. With the Roma Family, he goes well beyond creating a proper Trajan Sans and brings us a definitive, contemporary, mature sans serif expression of those majuscules in 4 weights with OpenType features and additional options for creating shading and multi-color settings.

Roma is the result of a collaboration between our friends at Canada Type and P22, with P22 providing the preliminary groundwork that led to the family's eventual design.

Prices start at $29.95. To learn more about The Roma Family and to download the pdf which shows what this remarkably versatile font can do, go here.


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