Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Announcing New Release for IHOF - P22 Casual Script Pro

P22 Casual Script Pro, designed by Richard Kegler, is a flexible OpenType font based on mid-20th Century hand drawn advertising lettering scripts. As an alternate to thicker casual script styles, this free-flowing thin brush style is evocative of vintage product advertisements and packaging lettering and is highly suitable for a retro flavor.

The Pro font includes over 500 glyphs with at least 2 of all upper and lower case characters with OpenType scripting and ligatures for a more natural and random effect. There is also a unique feature not found in other script fonts: Small Caps! While it may seem unnatural for a script font to have small caps, these work well as an authentic variation of brush script lettering for advertising. Also included in the Pro version is a full Central European character set, swash characters and more.

The Pro font package includes one Pro OpenType font and 3 single, basic OpenType fonts- Regular, Alternate and Small Caps, for use with applications that do not support OpenType features. Now through June 30th, the Pro package is available at the introductory price of $31.95 (reg $39.95). All basic single styles are $19.95.

To test drive the font and order P22 Casual Script Pro click here


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