Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spotlight: Sherwood Pro Fonts

We are spotlighting the pro styles that are contained in the Sherwood Collection of fonts by Ted Staunton. The selection of fonts includes favorites such as 1722, Royalist, Albemarle, the celtic-influenced Kelly as well as other historically-inspired titles including Mayflower Smooth and Canterbury, a blackletter face with four different types of Capital initial letters. Sherwood Pro fonts are 25% off through March 15th.

In conjunction with the Sherwood pro font specials, we are also offering a Sherwood Medieval Package. This package includes two of the Sherwood pro fonts, Canterbury Pro and Kelly Pro, plus 2 additional styles, Aragon and Elven, that evoke the spirit of the days of yore. The Sherwood Medieval Package is $69.95 (reg $119.80 if purchased separately) and is valid through March 15th.

Sherwood Pro Fonts


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