Tuesday, January 04, 2011

P22 Club Announced for 2011

P22 Club Membership
The P22 Club is now accepting memberships for 2011. The P22 Club, now in its 9th year, is an excellent value and a great way to save money on fonts and other fine things contained on the P22 website. The club membership is only $99.95 and offers its members many great benefits.
- 4 free fonts throughout the year ($80 value)
- An exclusive free font made available only to club members
- 20% discount on all purchases throughout the year for all purchases made on the P22 website, including fonts from any division of P22, IHOF, Lanston, Rimmer, Sherwood, or TypeSETit, as well as books and CDs. The discount can be used along with introductory and special offers for additional savings!
- P22 type specimen chapbooks. New for Club 2011. This year we will be introducing a series of P22 type specimen chapbooks. The true test of a font is in print. Sure, you are reading this online, but when looking at fonts, nothing beats a nice printed specimen. These limited edition chapbooks will be sent automatically to P22 Club Members as a new perk for 2011. You WILL like them. Promise.
- Letterpress printed membership card
-P22 Club members also receive bonus surprises throughout the year

For more information or to order your P22 Club Membership for 2011, click here. The offer to join the P22 Club expires January 31st, 2011.

Wishing you a peaceful and Happy New Year.
P22 type foundry