Wednesday, February 03, 2010

3 New Font Families For February

P22 announces new releases for February— three new Pro font families by Norwegian type designer Torleiv Sverdrup for IHOF.

P22 Kirkwall is an unusual and elegant design. The upper case letters have a slightly curved stem that ends in a small serif and wedge crossbars. The lower case letters have a fluid and easy design with end-hooks and long leading serifs. Kirkwall Trim and Bold Trim styles contain an alternate set of lower case characters without the long leading serifs and end-hooks. P22 Kirkwall is appealing for display work and appropriate for short texts and headlines.

P22 Ornes is inspired by the runic alphabet with ornamentation based on the woodcarvings of the Urnes Stave Church (Norway), an old wooden church from approximately 1150 CE. The woodcarvings and their symbolism reach back to the pre-Christian era. The Ornes Pro styles each contain the runic alphabet, ornamented caps, small caps, ornamented small caps and other pro OpenType features. Ornes Ornamented Rustic Pro features a subtle uneven lowercase with ornamented caps.

P22 Speyside is a round, curved and controlled sans serif with an additional set of decorated uppercase letters, initials and small caps. It's appropriate for text, titling and display. The origin of the name is taken from a small location in Tobago. The font is inspired by the local handicraft, the batik in particular. Each pro font style includes small caps and decorative initials as well as several OpenType features.

Introductory offers available for all three families, purchased separately or in one pack, through February 28th.


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