Sunday, August 09, 2009

Coda Pro & Mai Pro

P22 announces new releases for August—two new Pro font families by Norwegian type designer Torleiv Sverdrup for IHOF.

Coda Family

The Coda Family is a simple but decorative and controlled sans serif design.
Coda literally means tail (Italian, from latin cauda) and refers to the way the letters h, m and n stretch below the writing line towards the end of a sentence or before a final stop. Coda Pro is an elegant and contemporary font suited for display purposes.

For the month of August purchase the Coda Family for 25% off. Sale price: $97.46 (regular $129.95) More Info

Mai Family

The Mai Family is a new transitional antiqua that features ligatures, Small Caps and full Central European support. Mai's classic design is understated enough to be used for long running text applications yet includes unique characters suitable for design purposes. It is the Norwegian name for the month of May.

For the month of August purchase the Mai Family for 25% off. Sale Price $59.96 (regular $129.95) More Info


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