Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wall Street Journal profiles in (Bézier) curveage

The Wall Street Journal profiles P22's Richard Kegler in a column called How I Got Here in the Careers section. It is edited down from a much longer conversation, so certain trade secrets have been omitted.

The mustache seen in the photo is now up for auction on ebay to benefit a childrens' charity.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Civilité pour Bastille Day

P22 Civilite is a historic font revival. The font is a non-connecting upright handwriting script based on 16th century sources with a lineage going back to Robert Granjon in France and from early Dutch type specimens from the Enschedé and Sons Foundry.

The P22 Civilite suite of fonts includes the 6 basic Dutch versions of Civilité in both "historical" and "modern" styles in basic OpenType format and Pro versions that combine the historical, modern & sorts into one OpenType font with alternates, expanded language coverage and pro features.