Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Festiva and Fleurons!

IHOF Festiva by Terry Wudenbachs

Festiva is a new font by Terry Wudenbachs. It is based on lettering found on a 1960s kitchen appliance catalog. It evokes 1960s TV and pop culture while still having a contemporary feel. The fun exuberant flavor of this face is perfect for parties and celebrations. The letters dance across the baseline and the lower case wants to be an upper case but just can't quite make it. P22 Festiva Regular includes a full unicode European Character set (Western, CE, Turkish, Romanian etc).

It is specially priced at only $19.95. Extra special introductory price: 50% off - only $9.98 More Info

Lanston Fleuron Special

To commemorate the birth of Lanston type designer Bruce Rogers, we are offering a special on our Lanston fleuron font titles. Fleurons are designed as flowered printing ornaments and have been traditionally used to embellish pages in handset type. For the month of May the following fonts are 50% off or $9.98 each- LTC Fleurons Rogers, LTC Fleurons Granjon, LTC Fleurons Garamont, LTC Goudy Extras. To round out the special, LTC Goudy Initials, a set of highly decorative capitals, is also on sale. If all 5 fonts seem to hard to resist, and you can't pick just one, we are offering them all as one set for $39.95!

Also in the month of May, you can purchase the full arrangement of Lanston Ornaments for $149.95 (regular price $199.95). The Lanston Ornament collection includes the 4 fleuron fonts listed above, plus 16 others. Order the collection and well also include Goudy Initials. That's over $400 worth of single fonts for just $149.95. More Info


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