Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Circled Caps -Specialty font

LTC Circled Caps is a handy font that allows designers of commercial products to add basic circled letters that are uniform in appearance. For example, on music CDs, the Copyright and Publish (AKA Phonogram) symbols often do not match.

While most fonts include a circled ‘c’ for Copyright, they seldom contain a circle ‘p’ for Publish (note that all P22 fonts include the circle ‘p’ and ‘c’). The circle ‘U’ and ‘K’ for Kosher foods are rarely included in fonts and have to be made as needed. Outline and solid versions of this font are offered in the set.

This single font contains both a serif and sans serif style caps A-Z as well as figures assigned to regular keys and also mapped to standard Unicode for “Enclosed Alphanumerics”.


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