Monday, December 01, 2008

The Yule Blog

What may well be the first extensive family of novelty snow Christmas / Chanukah / Eid / Kwanza / Festivus / Winter Solstice / Yuletide themed fonts: Yule. Designed by James Greishaber in his workshop in the wintry Illinois tundra (Downtown Chicago), this set of 7 fonts is perfect for greeting cards, children's holiday books, figgie pudding wrappers and surprisingly enough: even more!

P22 Yule was originally a 3 font set with only Capital letters. Yule has now has been expanded to contain 4 new fonts. These faces have a newly designed upper and lowercase with snowy variations.

Yule has an alpine look, lending itself to the thoughts of chalets and fondue. Yule Heavy Snow is blanketed in the white stuff, while Yule Light Flurries is dusted with snowflakes. With the addition of a lowercase, Yule becomes infinitely more usable. The Klein variations work well as an alternative to the classic Neuland when you need the versatility of a lowercase.

Yule contains a full Western European ASCII character set in universal OpenType format. Introductory sale for the month of December. Upgrade available for previous purchasers of the original Yule Set.


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