Wednesday, October 01, 2008

P22 Acquires Canada Type

P22 type foundry and International House of Fonts announce its acquisition* of Toronto-based type foundry Canada Type's newest font design: Counter.

Designed by Canada Type principal Patrick Griffin, P22 Counter is a very geometric font based on parallel strokes. The Cursive and SwashAlts styles were based on the idea for an uncredited film face called Whitley, published by a little known English typesetting house in the early 1970s. Line & Hack are extrapolations of the above.

Each face is offered in basic OpenType (which has Central European language support) for only $19.95, or as a set of 4 for $49.95. A Counter Cursive Pro font that combines Cursive & SwashAlts is also included in the set or is available separately for $29.95. As an introductory special, you can get the full Counter font set for only $39.95.

*P22 has not actually acquired Canada Type or the font itself, we are simply the exclusive source for this new font from Patrick Griffin. If we didn’t confuse things too much, at least you read our email!

Halloween Themed (monthly) Special: Five Frightening Fonts From Five Foundries ($50)!

(P22) Posada Extras
(IHOF) Aglio
(Lanston) Halloween Ornaments
(Rimmer) Zigarre
(Sherwood) Phantasmagoria Regular

Only for the month of October, Only $50!


Blogger mark said...

This is great, as I am reading this I am listening to 'White Horse' by Laid Back which I played at the Typecon Sat. Night party last Aug. in Bflo. When I played this song at the party someone told me that Patrick was leaving in disgust in regards to this song being played... he didn't like it. I am not sure if this is a true story, but it is quite a coincidence.

9:38 AM  

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