Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Big Ol' Specimen book

For TypeCon2008, P22 completed its first major specimen book. It has taken 2 years to produce and includes all the fonts from each P22 division, up to and including the newly released Stern font by Jim Rimmer. The book is 258 pages divided into 5 sections (one for each division of P22: P22 type foundry, IHOF, Sherwood, Lanston & Rimmer type foundry). It is indexed and shows off the fonts in a variety of settings as they were intended to be seen- in print! Order one today!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

P22 Backstory

We have been a bit lax in telling our own history. Occasionally people ask and we occasionally tell. Here is a recent article by Jessica Spring for Boxcar Presses new Flurry Journal and some coaxing from Jan Middendorp for Myfonts Creative Characters Newsletter reveals some little known facts about P22.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


A New Font in TrueType, PostScript OpenType & Hot Metal!

Just announced at TypeCon in Buffalo, NY, Stern is a typographic first: it marks the first time a font is simultaneously released both digitally and in metal. Stern, named for the late printer Christopher Stern, is an upright Italic designed by Jim Rimmer intended for poetry settings and numerous other uses. The making of this typeface is also being made into a documentary shot in HD video.

The digital version of RTF Stern includes the OpenType Pro version plus four non-pro versions included for applications that do not support OpenType. The set features Stern Aldine, Regular, Tall Caps & Small Caps.

The (16pt on 18pt body) metal version of Stern is shipped directly from Pie Tree foundry in Vancouver, BC. It is cast to order by Jim Rimmer using foundry metal.

A special limited edition specimen booklet was printed by Coach House Press in Toronto, ON. The duotone photos by Anna Prior are printed with silver highlights in the specimen portions that accent the feel of the type & tools used to make Stern. The booklet includes a bound-in letterpress specimen printed on Japanese rice paper and a single metal letter!

In collaboration with Buffalo-based JRVisuals, who developed the "Type is Art" interactive web project, a special TypeIsArt Stern project allows you to create images with the component parts of the Stern font.

Friday, July 04, 2008

TypeCon in Buffalo

P22 is busy with preparations of Typecon2008 as site committee and local hosts. We hope you stop us and say hello during the conference. A special new release will be announced on July 18th during a talk by Richard Kegler at TypeCon. watch for it.