Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rider Alert! Coming soon

P22 Underground Pro

A massive expansion to the P22 London Underground font system is scheduled
for an early September launch. We do not usually pre-announce releases, but
this one is exceptional in many ways. Underground Pro expands on the
historical design by Edward Johnston, licensed exclusively to P22 from the
London Transport Museum. The overall design of Underground Pro is kept as
intended by Johnston and remains within his system of proportions. What is
added is 4 additional weights and cumulatively over 30,000 glyphs.

Additional OpenType features, such as Small Caps and Petite Caps, are
included in all 6 weights. Titling options that mimic London Transport
signage are included as an extra variant for the medium weight. Lower
case characters have also been added to the bold weight.

The addition of many unicode ranges for unprecedented language support makes
this the most expansive P22 font ever. Each weight was originally planned to
contain over 5,000 glyphs, covering most Latin based languages plus Greek
(polytonic) and Cyrillic. Due to some OS limitations, the Pro fonts will be
available separately as Latin, Cyrillic and Greek

The original P22 Johnston Underground Set is still available and can be
purchased here
. Official announcement, availability and upgrade options for
Underground Pro, will be posted soon.


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