Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lanston Marches In with Goudy

Lanston Type Co. March 2007 releases feature 24 new font styles plus a few "Pro" options. You'll find several Frederic Goudy classics and some rare treasures too!

The highlights of the collection feature a couple of Goudy firsts that include Camelot, Goudy's first typeface design, and Goudy Modern, his first attempt at a “Modern” face. Interestingly, he designed the variant Goudy Open first and then made the solid version of Goudy Modern. In addition, the new releases include more Goudy with expansions to the Blackletter font Goudy Text, as well as Globe Gothic and Hadriano, based on letter rubbings from Goudy at The Louvre in Paris, 1910. Another new Goudy release is Record Title as digitized by Jim Rimmer and re-mastered and released for the first time by P22/Lanston. One last Goudy gem is Goudy Ornate with a newly designed lower case to complement the all Caps style designed by Goudy in 1931. The final release of this month is not from Frederic Goudy at all. It is Keystone Ornaments, a set of surprisingly modern geometric decorative borders and cuts from the Keystone foundry in 1903.

The new releases are all delivered in PostScript and TrueType formats as well as basic OpenType format.


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