Tuesday, January 02, 2007

P22 Library Now in OpenType

Opentype is quickly becoming the default format for all computer platforms and applications. The entire P22 type foundry library of historical fonts is now remastered in basic OpenType format (as of January 2007). All fonts from the P22 division will now be delivered in 3 formats: TrueType, Postscript and basic OpenType. Updates include the addition of a Euro symbol, improved outlines, updated kerning, standardized Unicode for proper international language support, reworked hinting for improved on-screen readability plus standardized menu names. This also marks the standardization of pricing for all fonts sold in each division of P22 type foundry.

Discounted upgrades are available for registered users of P22 fonts.

The IHOF, Lanston, Rimmer & Sherwood divisions of P22 type foundry will be
converted to basic OpenType format throughout 2007.


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