Monday, December 04, 2006

Sherwood Fonts for December

The new P22 Canterbury is a late Medieval Gothic font with a rough edge. This blackletter face is available with four different types of Capital initial letters or combined into one Opentype Pro font with all variations plus historic ligatures, alternates and even a few ornaments.

Also new is P22 Phantasmagoria. This stylized Celtic-meets-Futurist font has multiple variations as a geometric majuscule. The heads of beasts that cap each large Uppercase letter complement the thinner, lowercase letters that can function on their own as an effective and flexible titling font.

P22 1722 and P22 Royalist have been perennially popular but now are expanded and enhanced as "pro" fonts in OpenType format. Expansion includes historical alternate glyphs, Central European characters sets and extra ligatures. For applications that do not yet fully support OpenType features, we have included basic alternate, swash and small caps fonts as needed.

Registered users of 1722 and Royalist may upgrade for a nominal fee. Please inquire:


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